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Masque/Contre-masque, 2010
140x70cm, lambda print

Masque/Contre-masque consists of a series of six images, self portraits. The technique used is direct photography with minimum computer intervention. For me the mask is, first of all, the theatricality archetype. The stage seems to have lost its real meaning and to have moved even in the most private places of our lives. Each work consists in two kinds of masks: one that imitates the cagoule type of mask (terrorism, military intervention), and the other which is the reverse, covers only the eyes (superheroes). The two types of masks complete each other and, if it were to join them we would get a complete mask that does not leave room to recognize the authentic traits of the individual who wears it. The problems highlighted are the effect of consumerism, media, and the depersonalization. The project is completed with the video having the same title.

 video loop, 2012

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